Welcome to TK Ghosh and Company

T. K. Ghosh & Company is the parent company founded in 1990 by Mr. T.K.Ghosh. The company deals with all types of H.T. and L.T. Overhead Line Materials, Underground Cables & Jointing Kits. We are the Authorized Distributors of All types of Porcelain Insulators for Overhead lines.

Quality Policy

Quality is our mission. The Quality Policy is our main tool in achieving it. The policy is clearly defined, comprehensive & Highly formalized.

Basic contents of the Quality Policy are :

  • Utmost Satisfaction of Client's Expectation
  • Innovative, Cost & Time Effective Services
  • Consistent & Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Fulfillments of defined Quality Objective Targets
  • Develop the organisation as an international centre for excellence.
  • Continuous Evaluation of market to Explore Challenging areas of Operation